Attract new followers daily, by following my step by step Instagram program
3-day intensive online program that teaches you how to
create an attractive visual and develop your Instagram
Why choose the intensive blogging course
by Lora_Stardust?
It is the most detailed online blogging course about photo and video editing

You will learn about current trends on how to grow your Instagram in 2020

You can ask questions and get feedback about your progress

Everything is designed to help you reach your goal
  • Listen to it online
    You can attend the course from your phone or computer. The lectures are live, so you can ask questions.
  • The course will be saved
    If you miss the live lecture, you will have the chance to listen to them later.
  • Support chat
    There will be a group chat, where you can send questions, edited photos or profiles, to get feedback.
Instagram blogging course is divided in 3 modules:
Account development
You will learn how to:
- Find a concept for your blog
- Define goals and actions
- Find your target audience
- Learn how to create a content plan

You will learn how to:
- Edit dark photos, save tilted photos and adjust perspective
- Edit skin, body shape and add makeup
- Work with Lightroom and Snapseed, including many other mobile editing apps
- Create your preset and learn how to use the ones you buy
You will learn how to:
- Make interesting stories
- Edit multiple videos
- Create videos for advertising
- Create and edit tutorials

During the course you will learn to:
· Edit your photos by using only apps on your phone, such as: Lightroom, Snapseed and many more

- Use existing presets and make your own

· Redesign your profile, find your unique style and learn how to plan and organize your photos

· Work with double exposition

· Change the background on your photos

· Fix a dark photo or a tilted one

· Remove unnecessary objects

· Edit your face, skin and body

· Add objects to your photos as well as lights, bokeh, shadows, text etc.

· Create a live photo

· Change the color of objects

· Make stories that will grow your statistics

· Create and edit tutorials

· Make videos for promotions

· Add music and effects to videos

· Edit multiple videos
· Choose a topic and set goals

· Analyze and find your audience

· Plan your content

· Analyze statistics

· Know if your profile is ready to be promoted

· Use different types of promotions

After this course, you will change your Instagram game
Transform your visual
Create your unique style
Know how to develop your Instagram
Have your profile ready for promotion
and know how to do it
Grow your followers
Learn how to attract and keep followers
I am completely new to blogging, will I be able to follow the course?
Everything will be explained starting from the basics, so that everyone can follow and understand :)
What if I can't attend the live lecture?
Don't worry, the lectures will be saved and you can listen to them for a whole month.
Is this course only for personal profiles or does it fit for business profiles as well?
The whole course is eligible for both personal and business profiles and everything will be explained through examples for both types of profiles.
One by one
  • Visual, video OR account development
  • 1 day live online lecture
  • Access to the lecture for 1 month
  • Group chat
40 Eur / 1 module
Start course
  • Visual, video and account development
  • 3 days with live online lecture
  • Access to lectures for 2 month
  • Group chat
  • 45 min private consultation
155 Eur
Start course
In addition you will get

Check lists:
Ways how to earn money on Instagram
Best editing apps
Lightroom presets
Post planning spreadsheet
After 3 days you will know how to edit your photos like this
(use arrows to swipe)
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